Gregory Starbuck

Counselling Service

Newry Court, Chester, CH2 2AZ

Hello, my name is Gregory.


Firstly, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit, and read, my website.


I recognise that you might feel slightly overwhelmed at present, not just by your own thoughts and feelings, but also by the amount of choice there is in finding a Counsellor. As your Counsellor I take our work together seriously. It is often difficult to talk about very personal thoughts and feelings with friends or family, let alone imagining doing that with a complete stranger.


I enjoy my work and I hope that you might also come to enjoy, your time in therapy, working with me. I strive to create a warm and relaxed environment, a space where you feel heard and held, safely, ethically, and confidentially.


I hope you will feel that we are a ‘good fit’, like a comfortable pair of shoes. We will be sharing a journey together, and we might explore some difficult terrain. I am interested in your experiences, and look to develop an honest environment, that facilitates the awareness and change that you may be seeking.


Some problems that I have helped others with are: Anxiety, Workplace Stress, Abuse, Anger Management, Bereavement, Depression, Panic Attacks, Low Self-Esteem, Relationship Issues, Sexual Identity. This list is by no means all of them.


Get in touch, and I look forward to us working together, and thank you again for visiting my website.

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